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Kull's Old Town Station is one of America's best known & respected specialty gun auctioneers with over 2 decades of live gun auction experience. If you are interested in being a part of an upcoming gun auction or safely consigning your gun; we look forward to working with you soon. Whether you have a collection of 1 or 1,000 guns, our staff is dedicated to providing our buyers and sellers with top of the line service. We trust you will feel confident in your decision to work with us.

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Now is the time sell your firearms, ammo, magazines & other accessories.


If you have guns, whether 1 or 1000, and will be in these areas, please let us know and we can stop by!

If you have a collection of guns, ammo and/or accoutrements, send an email to or with a brief list or give us a call @ 800-466-5516 and let’s get together. Even if you’ve only a dozen or so, give us a call and we’ll send you postage paid shipping containers to get those guns to us!

We offer worldwide advertising, live & online bidding, world-class photography, accurate and fair descriptions and competitive commissions. Be a part of one of the most recognized Gun Auctions in the World!

Thanks & look forward to meeting you! Dan Kull

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Upcoming Auctions

Spring 2019 Collectors Gun AuctionIn Progress...

March 29, 2019, 7 PM CST — April 09, 2019

Excellent Winchester collections to Include one of the finest Model 21, 20 ga. Skeet, Model 71 Deluxe in .348 WIN, (8) Model 42’s, 410 ga., to include Deluxe, Skeet & 1st year manufactured, Model 50, 20 ga Pigeon grade, Parkers, 12 ga., Grades 3,4 & 8, (4) L.C. Smith’s, includes Specialty Trap & Quality 3E, Ithaca Factory Engraved, 12 ga., Knick Grade 5E Single Barrel Trap and many others. Fine Colt’s to include (4) Python’s, Diamondback, 1st Generation SSA’s, Gold Cup National Match, Remington Rand M1911, great selection of S&W & Ruger’s, (3) Spencer & Sharp’s rifles; Nice selection WWI & II military, antique & collectible ammo, 1000’s of rounds of NEW ammo and so much more read more...