Winchester-1892-32 WCF

Caliber:32 WCF
Serial #:295686
Lot Number:1390
Final Bid:925
Auction:March 2011, 03/11/2011

Description:lever action - 24" oct barrel, dark w/ pitting and strong rifling. bore - bead on post front w/ flip up globe; rams horn rear. sight - walnut stock- legible markings - takedown - fairly crisp metal; barrel & mag turned to thin plum patina; frame softly peppered medium gray - sound wood shows moderately heavy use, w/ some very nice fancy figure to the buttstock grain; sliver lost at left front tang - Yr Mfg 1904 - NRA VG +++ - SN 295686 - EST 900-1800 - C&R - 17HHHMGFL023


Allgemeine SS NCO/Enlisted Visored Hat - features early Allgemeine totenkopf and SS eagle insignia - white crown and capband waffenfarb is standard for the Allgemeine schirmutze - upper body is made of ribbed tricot wool - white piping and upper body are free of mothing and any distractions - ribbed black wool capband is likewise in excellent condition - black leather chinstrap is secured to the capband with two black enameled buttons - vulcan fiber visor is in excellent condition - hat retains an excellent "saddle form" - interior displays its gold SS runes foil stamp - size 57 stamped underneath sweatband as well as "HB 1940" - beneath the worn leather sweatband is RZM tag - overall condition-excellent

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