Colt-1861 Navy-36 cal

Model:1861 Navy
Caliber:36 cal
Serial #:24813
Lot Number:1424
Final Bid:950
Auction:March 2011, 03/11/2011

Description:SA action - 7.5" round barrel, pitted w/ visible rifling bore - fixed sight - 1 Pc walnut grips- Cyl scene about gone, otherwise legible markings - mottled metal w/ dings & pits appropriate to age & usage - numbers match - possible wedge screw replaced - sound grips w/ usage marks and slight shrinkage - Good mech & nipples - Yr Mfg 1864 - NRA Good - SN 24813 - EST 2400-4000 - Antq - 17XXMMFL005

Lot of the Day

Lot 35: Vyatskie Polyany/ZDF VEPR K 7.62x39MM  Excellent to Perfect condition - rifle - 16.5" heavy barrel - black synthetic stock with vertical grip - retains matte black finish showing very little if any wear at all., black - Markings: crisp - Sights: combat peep sights - semi-automatic rifles from the world famous Molot factory in Russia. Built on RPK-type frame. Aftermarket additions include; handguard with quad rails, combat sling, GPS extended mag release, combat peep sight, bolt hold-open safety lever, Kobra red dot EKP-1C-03, 2-polymer mags, & mag belt carrier - Yr. Mfg: 1995-2011 - SN: 03KK7855 - FFL - 51568

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